Bedwars Winstreaks Bot

Why Bedwars Winstreaks:

With this bot, you can check all of your bedwars winstreaks with one command. Check winstreaks by typing .w (username) or link your account with .link (username) to run commands without entering your name. Administrators can use the command .setprefix (prefix) to set the bots prefix. Users can use the command .help (optional command) to get more information about the various commands that the bot can use. I developed this bot to check my 4v4 bedwars winstreak, but it turned into a bot that can check all bedwars winstreaks. You can check out the tutorial for this bot below.

Invite The Bot

You can click on the icon to view this bot on and invite it to your server.

About The Developer:

I am a hobbyist discord bot developer, a small YouTube and Twitch creator and an avid bedwars player. I created this discord bot as a favour to a friend who spent a great deal of time grinding winstreaks in 4v4 bedwars. I am still new to developing and this is my first public project. As I am also a student, I cannot guarantee 100% uptime but I will do my best to ensure as little downtime as possible you can see the uptime monitor tab for information regarding this. I hope to add more features to this bot in the future. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. If you would like to support me you can check out my YouTube or Twitch channels.

Important Note:

Due to my inexperience in managing public release discord bots, I cannot guarantee 100% uptime. I can also not guarantee that this bot will stay in operation indefinitely due to the nature of my hosting. You can check the uptime page for more information about the current uptime of the bots various systems.